Tournament Rules 

** Alliance Tournament Rules will be posted soon. **

1. Maryland Sharks generally follows the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Basketball Rules, with the exception of Maryland Sharks league specific rules listed herein.
2. Roster: Coaches must provide a team roster that includes each player’s grade and birth date prior to the first game. Players must be age appropriate in accordance with the new AAU 2018/19 age and grade requirements, consult with director for exceptions. Teams must specify if they have an age based team or a grade based team.
3. Game: There are 2, 16-20 minute halves with running clock, clock stops last 2 minutes of each half. Pregame warm-up will be 5 minutes and halftime 3 minutes.  Arrive on time for your game!  You will have a grace period of 7 minutes after the warm-up period has ended. If your team is not ready to play at the end of the grace period you forfeit the game.  You can still play the game if players arrive after the grace period but it is still a forfeited game.  You can start the game with 4 players.  
4. Time-outs: Each team receives (4) time-outs per game, (2) time-outs per half which do not carry forward into an overtime period.
5. Overtime: Overtimes consist of two-minute periods with a stop clock. There is one time-out per team in the first over-time period, and no time-outs in subsequent periods. There is no sudden death.
6. Ball size: The 28.5 circumference ball shall be used for all grade and gender groups except for boys 7th grade and higher, which will use the 29.5 circumference balls.
7. Fouls: Players foul out on their 5th foul.
8. Free-throws: One and one free-throws are awarded at 10 fouls in first half.  Second half player will shoot 1 and 1 at 7 fouls.  At 10 fouls will shoot 2 free-throws.
9. Technical Fouls: Two free-throws, and possession of the ball shall be awarded to the offending team. No technical fouls for scorebook violations.
10. Jump balls shall occur at the start of the game and the start of each overtime period.
11. Defense: All defenses are allowed except: There will be no backcourt defense allowed if a team is up by 20 points or more.
12. Team equipment: Players must wear appropriate apparel for the game of basketball. Home team wears white uniform and the visiting team wears a dark uniform. Coaches may agree to a different arrangement at game time.
13. Scorer and Timekeeper: Each team must provide either a clock keeper or a scorebook keeper for their respective game.
14. Snacks may be provided for players at the end of each game, but the coaches, parents and players are responsible for making sure doing so does not result in littering, spills, or other mess in the gym, hallways, or school grounds. Concessions will be provided by the Maryland Sharks.
15. Zero Tolerance: There is ZERO tolerance for fighting, use of foul or abusive language, or other abusive behavior. Any player, coach, parent, or fan violating this policy shall be removed from the gym.
16. Tie breakers:
a. The following will be used to determine top two teams for the Championship game:
i. Overall Record (Wins vs. Losses)
ii. Head to Head (For 2-way tie or 3-way tie if one team beat other two)
iii. Record vs Teams tied
iv. Point Differential vs Teams tied (max 15 points per game)
v. Overall Point Differential (max 15 point per game)
vi. Coin Flip
vii. In age groups with multiple divisions, the top team from each division will
advance based on the above criteria.
17. Sportsmanship:
a. Players, coaches, and parents must display good sportsmanship at all times.aph here.